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Obviously, I've had trouble updating due to lack of time. So far I've uploaded a lot of photos in my gallery (full photos will be on Facebook later, or can be emailed by request!)

So here is what I will try to do. Instead of cramming everything into one post (making this blog only have a total of four posts). I will post in categories, by emotion, whatever.

That way, you all can stay tuned and be surprised about what happens next! (not going in order of the days haha)

Anyway, if you're still reading, be patient! First post is coming your way in a matter of minutes :)

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Day one? two? three? I don't even know anymore.

First few days of Cape Town!

It's been a few days, forgive me the flights get long! First a 7 hour flight to Amsterdam? Then a 11 hour flight to Cape Town? Guys, just know that I got to finally sleep!

Let's get to it! My first night in Cape Town was on Thursday at 10:30pm (Cape Town time). I came home to a very sweet host sister named Fatima! I got settled in and all set for the next day!

Next morning, I awoke to a beautiful scene. I could see Lion's Head mountain out my window! Once we got to school, you can see Table Mountain AND an ocean view! I don't know how the students at this school do not have their minds blown every day by this weather and these scenes! I know that we were all stunned!


It's late, will update more tomorrow on the activities we did today, and of more travels!

P.S. I left my camera charger at home...how foolish. Will still try to find a way to get photos!

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all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

yes, this blog will quote "Leavin' On a Jet Plane", but leaving for the airport in less than twelve hours!

So today I experienced many reasons why this trip will be a good thing for me. For one, I am generally a very overwhelmed student. Today was one of the most stressful days of my life, as a part of the most stressful week of my life. I spent my week taking tests early and learning new material early. Talk about not wanting to be behind when I come back! Let's just say that all the stress is worth being able to go on this trip!

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to the airport, and getting onto a sixteen hour flight to Capetown! I'm almost done packing and definitely excited for this trip! See ya later West Hartford!

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T-Minus 1 Day until Departure!

Staying in South Africa from February 15 to February 26!

Well, here I am. Being a student who studied abroad in China, and wanted to go to a specific college because of it's amazing Chinese program, I never thought that in my senior year I'd be venturing to South Africa. Things change don't they? I'm a global citizen, I want to see the world and all of it's cultures. I'll take it one continent at a time.

On February 15, I'll be on a plane flying to Cape Town, South Africa with a group of students fro my town, where I'll be staying with a host family for ten days! Though it has been a hectic week (academically) for me as I make up tests and get in all my work before I go, this life changing experience will be very much worth it. I can't wait!

I will be using a journal, but will also use this blog to the best of my ability and access to keep family, friends, and colleagues updated about what's happening. Cape Town is one of the most wired cities in the world, I will do my best. If I can't post everyday, then I'll have stories to tell once I return!

Now, to finish reading Sula by Toni Morrison for my English class, and to finish packing!

Read about my previous travels: Summer in Beijing

very excited about South Africa!

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